Any WD Live TV hardware improvements in past 3 years?

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I just acquired a new WD TV LIVE unit and I was wondering if Western Digital ever improved the hardware over the past 3 years.

My first model p/n is: WDBHG70000NBK-01 (one of the earlier models)

S/N: WNC431xxxxxx

My new one is p/n: WDBHG70000NBK-12

S/N: WNC442xxxxxx

I suspect that the hardware has stayed the same over the years.

No complaints, the WD TV Live box is the best inexpensive media player I have owned. I especially appreciate the continuous firmware updates.

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Hi sdcinvan1, no relevant changes have been made. 

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So this is normal why the speed of moving pages in the video section is so slow.


That might be caused by an update, rather than a hardware problem. But I haven’t noticed any actions being slower with any recent update.

Thank you jubei04. I was just curious.

ilan316 wrote:

So this is normal why the speed of moving pages in the video section is so slow.

There is one cause … “TV Shows”  using the “Get Content Info” feature

When “Get Content Info” for Movies & TV Shows it downloads and creates a *.metathumb which are in fact *.jpgs (rename the extension to see)

Movies metathumbs are " Small"   eg. 154(w) x 231(h)  around 10kb

TV Shows metathumbs on the other hand, are " Huge"  eg. 680(w) x 1000(h)  around a whopping 500kb! …

which causes massive slowdown to point where it’s pretty much un-usable.

solution: batchrename TV Show metathumbs to *.jpg and batch resize them

(personally, i use 300x450 under 70kb which is a compromise between picture quality and speed. other peoplel use 200x300 which is fine as well :smiley:  )

For batch renaming and image resizing, i recommend these 2  *Free* easy to use softwares.

Batch Renaming:

Batch Image Resizing:

Trivia: The old WDTV Gen1’s it was recommended to use 120x180 any bigger, then navigation slowed down.

EDIT: also … another cause of navigation slowdown is if you Manually set the Video Output to 1080p 24hz… sure 23.976fps video is smooth as silk with this setting … but it also causes UI slowdown (notice the home menu scrolling is not smooth after setting this setting)


^^^ This is very useful info, @Joey, thank you. :smiley:


(BTW, I just joined, and this post is my first on here. My posts are usually sparse on forums, though.)

thank you, welcome to the forum :smiley: