Any way to use this without internet?

I’ve seen a lot of people here falsely claim this device can be used without internet access. However what I’ve noticed is internet access is 100% required at all times. Whatever device accesses the NAS authenticates through the WD server. If it can’t reach the server it can’t authenticate and you can’t access any files on this device. Technically speaking the NAS itself doesn’t need a direct internet connection as the laptop (or other device) could be connected to two networks at the same time (a local and internet). However this technically is silly as ultimately you’re stuck needing working internet or it signs you out of the NAS.

As I’m trying to use this as a real NAS in areas where there is no internet it’s completely useless. Is there any known hacks that can by pass this? Maybe altered firmware to turn this into a real NAS? If anyone can help I’d appreciate it. I’m very annoyed someone would sell a NAS with such a major restriction and then hide the fact that it can’t be used as a real NAS.