Any way to use this as an external hard drive?

If I were to use a USB-to-USB cable like this one :

would I able to be connect the Hub to my PC to transfer files between them, or to my Wii to launch stored backups of the games I own (it’s possible with an external hard drive)? Any help is much appreciated; I’ve been trying to find an answer to this for a VERY long time.

No, that will not work.

Alright. But what if I pop the top off, dixconnect only the SATA connection from the Scorpio Blue to the motherboard, and used one of these:

or take the Scorpio Blu out entirely, and use this enclosure:

Then would I be able to do what I described above?

Not sure about the walmart cable, but the docking bay would work on the PC, but I doubt it’d work on the Wii because the Wii may not understand the partition structure the Hub uses.   But I have to ask, WHY would you want to do this??

It’ll void your warranty for one thing, and you can use the network to move files…  

Yea, I know it’d void my warranty, but I’m willing to take the risk to squeeze every bit of potential out of this baby. And aren’t transfers over a USB 2.0 connection generally faster than those over a network anyway? As for the Wii not recognizing the Scorpio Blue’s partition structure, not a problem. If I can get it connected to my PC first, I can easily partition about 100GB or so to WBFS, a partion structure that the Wii does understand.

So is the answer to my situation the FileMate enclosure? Thanks.