Any way to transfer everything off the Hub to an external HDD?

So i’ve been using the hub for about 6 months now and while playback and format support does everything i want, I’m getting a bit tired of slow clunky UI.

I’m going to be switching to Boxee Box just to test out if i like it more than the Hub, I wanna know if its possible for me to plug in a 3TB External drive and transfer everything over, like the opposite of sync.

If you want to transfer files from the internal drive on the WD TV Live Hub to an external drive do this

1- Plug the external drive on the WD TV Live Hub

2- Select the file or folder you would like to copy

3- Press the options button on the WD TV Live Hub, select copy and the media player is going to ask you where you want to copy the file, after that select the USB drive, select something that says Place Here.

that’s it the file will start copying !

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Thanks man that helped a ton.

I dunno how such a simple solution got passed me.

Anytime :smileyvery-happy: