Any way to tell WHEN files got moved?

My cable was out yesterday, so I watched a movie on the hub… I hadn’t even gone into the mp3 folder. Today I was at work and nobody is home most of the day. I hide the remote most of the time so nobody messes with things. Right now I have no backup of my music. :frowning:

Anyway, I come home tonight and the mp3’s are mysteriously gone! I went to the living room to investigate and they were in the movies folder!

I thought maybe my wireless is compromised, so I’ll set up a new key or whatever. I also thought maybe I can pinpoint the time of day to see if some brat nosed teenager was using my stuff.

The files weren’t copied… they were actually cut and paste somehow… ALL of them… that’s about 80 gigs!

If you can find a way to install a log, then you should be able to tell.