Any way to skip network connection at startup?

This device irks me to no end. All I want to do is play movies off a local hard drive. Between the 45sec “connecting network…” and then either recompiling or reconnecting the hard drive my experience is annoying to say the least. Since I use the PS3 for all my streaming I figured I’d skip the network setup menu and save the 45seconds…guess what? Stupid device still goes through the motions…HELLO it’s not setup! So my question is, is there any way to prevent the WD Live from attempting to connect to network?

Nope. I’d asked the very same question since it was introduced only some firmware ago < 2.x, but WD said, this was necessary and could not be avoided.

FYI This issue has nothing to do with network connection…I’ve created a new thread for the unit turning on, then off, then back on, which is the real issue.