Any way to rename files

Ok, I’m Swedish, my 3 kids are Swedish, I know English, they don’t.

And thats’s why my whole library of kid’s movies are named in Swedish.

Not no more. 

The Hub doesn’t want to show “Kalle och Chockladfabriken”, it wants “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and insists on “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs” instead of what my kids know (Det regnar Köttbullar) and more importantly can navigate to themselves so that I don’t have to which was sort of pretty much the whole idea with the thing in the first place.

So, any way around this, apart from forcing my kids to learn the Englisg titles?

Open the XML file associated withr the movie file, and edit the name that appears in the TITLE tag.

It’s like this:

Movie Title

There will be other stuff around it, but title is close to the beginning.

LOL. took me a while til I realized you needed to actually open the file and edit it in a text editor.

Also, on some files, there’s an additional Movie Title