Any way to keep USB drive spinning?

The spin-up on my Seagate 3TB external USB drive is so long, that it really grinds my gears. I know there is software for Mac OS X to keep the drive spinning all the time, but is there any alternate way to keep a drive connected to my WD TV Live Streaming device spinning?

It is particularly bothersome via SMP/CIFS.

(NOTE: I am not keen to install a new firmware, custom or legit – unless it is 2.01.86 with a binary patch)

Ditch that Seagate junk, and buy a Western Digital External Hard Drive :smiley:

All my WD drives (1TB,2TB,3TB,4TB) only take a few seconds wake/spin up from power saving/sleep mode

Most external HDD “sleep”.
My 3 WD externals take waaaaaay too long waking up!!!

mine only take a few seconds to wake up … no longer than 5 seconds max

Seagate drives (in their enclosures; not bare drives) often have a setting for sleep mode in their software called Seagate Dashboard. Find the full manual for your drive and install the software (likely on the HD) Adjust the sleep mode setting in dashboard for None.

That is a fine idea, I have downloaded the software, and will test this tonight!

This would have been more clear if I had written:
… the software is likely found on the HD, and you install it on the PC.

(So, there should have been no need to download it.)
The one found on the drive is the one to use since it came with the drive.

Yeah, I wipe that software immediately upon 1st setup… always paranoid about locking the drive. I didn’t get a chance to try software last night… will try tonight for sure.