Any way to keep from having to log in to everytime?

I have a windows 7 pc and windows 8 pc.  Is there any way to not have to log into every time I want to access my sister’s my book live?  I want that virtual drive that pops up after using to always be on my laptops even after I turn them on and off.


You could enable FTP and use any of the Windows FTP Mounter apps that mounts FTP as a local drive. But that data wouldn’t be encrypted, so you could do the same but previously enabling SSH on the drive, then do it via SFTP.

Also, if you want to look further into it, there is the OwnCloud solution for folder sharing (look the guide in the forum) and others as my own guide for public folder sharing using Apache, but that might no apply to your use case.

Thanks a lot.

I’ll look into the owncloud but I’m not that computer savvy so have been afraid it won’t work or I might screw up enough that my security is at risk.

Bummer there isn’t anything simpler.  Hopefully they’ll have that someday.

There are  few options, but nothing simple. And if you want security, SFTP/SCP is the only way to go.

Anyhow, depending on your needs, check these links.