Any way to get back the dark webui theme?

The new white theme is absolutely atrocious and is littered with ui bugs. Just look under the question mark in the webui’s top right corner to see one blatantly obvious example… Not sure how this ui got out of QA but I MUCH prefer the old theme. Any way to get that back on the new firmware? Also in my opinion the old one was professional and beautiful. New ui just feels cheap, ugly, and childish.



We appreciate your feedback and I recommend you post this in the Ideas section.

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I totally agree with Hamlet,

The new UI is a huge step back!!! Bring back the dark one please.

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I prefer the old UI too!!!

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Is there any way to get the css template set for the older darker theme ? After my Device updated to v04.04.02-105 very very washed out looking UI. It would be nice if there was a theme color picker i dont see that as a very big request.


please, please give us back the dark theme!!!

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have thay sorted the css to get back the dark theme?