Any way to downgrade firmware on WD blue (or any other suggestions to fix)


I currently have 1 x 500gb WD blue and 2 x 1TB WD blue drives running in a DL360 - all are firmware 01.01A01 - these drives run fine.

I have now purchased another new 1TB WD blue but this drive is on firmware 05.01A01

I have run a diagnostic report from the raid controller and although a lot of information is presented, there is no temperature information visible.

This causes the server to think that the drive is overheated and turn all the fans into take off mode!

Is there any way to downgrad the firmware, or any other suggestions to fix?

Report from controller attached.

I think tou should see if there is available firmwsre update for your DL360

All Drivers / Firmware / ILO is on the latest I did try that first!

Thanks for suggestion though.

HDDs normally report two separate temperature attributes. However, some WD firmware only reports one. It appears that your DL360 is looking for the missing one.

Could you show us a SMART report from CrystalDiskInfo or a similar tool?

I have noticed that WD’s firmware often records additional SMART attributes that are not reported to the host. We could investigate this possibility by dumping the drive’s firmware modules with a tool such as SeDiv:

If the missing attribute is logged but not reported, then we may be able to flip a bit in the firmware to enable this attribute. It’s not a simple procedure, though.

Thanks, I will see if I can get a SMART report from crystaldisk info when I get home today.

Strangely, I tried again and ran another report and got slightly different results, I am not sure if the last one did not complete for some reason.

Key thing seems to be the Maximum temperature reported by the drives (I think)?

Cut from report :

  Current Temperature                  0x1d
   Temperature Threshold                0x37
   Maximum Temperature                  0x36

   Current Temperature                  0x1f
   Temperature Threshold                0x37
   Maximum Temperature                  0x24

   Current Temperature                  0x1c
   Temperature Threshold                0x37
   Maximum Temperature                  0x24

   Current Temperature                  0x17
   Temperature Threshold                0x19
   Maximum Temperature                  0x28

It seems the 3 drives with the older firmware are reporting max temperature as 37 hex - 55 degreesC I assume.

The new drive is only reporting the max temp as 19 hex (25 degrees C) ? AS the drive is allready running at a health 23 the server seems to think it is close to max and powers the fans to take off level!

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I confess that I don’t understand where your server is getting the temperature threshold information. AFAICT, the thresholds in the SMART reports are all 0.

FWIW, here are two threads with SMART reports for a model “WDC WD10JPVX-00JC3T0”, firmware “01.01A01”, and a model “WDC WD10JPVX-08JC3T5” with firmware “05.01A05”.

Both have only the one temperature attribute (C2). The normalised values report the temperature difference from 147. That is, the current temperature is reported as (147 - Current), and the maximum temperature is reported as (147 - Worst).

Some modern drives do maintain an SCT Temperature History, so perhaps that’s the source of the server’s temperature data. If so, then ISTM that the drive may have a firmware bug. A tool such as smartctl should be able to report this information.

What I am reading about SMART here :

Seems to indicate that smart values should contain :

Identifier : data : Threshold : value : Worst : status

I will see if I can read the 194 temp smart settings using another program and see if it matches what the servers controller is seeing.

Is there a recommended windows program that will read all this? Wil go hunting for one!


Try GSmartControl (Windows version):