Any way to delete backups of old PCs stored on My Passport?

Hi, I have a 1TB WD My Passport that I have been using both to backup my laptop and provide extra storage space for my media files. I am now on my third laptop using this same hard drive, and would like to know if there is a way to delete the backups of my previous two computers (which are redundant now) to increase storage space. 

However, the very odd and counter-intuitive way in which WD Smartware backs up files does not seem to keep my separate PC backups in separate folders (current developers, take note: this is a VERY serious design flaw; that and not having my backup files be in the same named/organized folders that I use on my laptop when I go to look at them in Windows Explorer). 

Is there ANY way I can delete ONLY the old laptops’ backups (i.e. and not my current backup or media files) either through looking at the drive in Windows Explorer or through the WD Smartware interface? 

Hi, smartware will create separate folders for each computer, if you explore the passport manually you should be able to see a folder with the name smartware. swstor, inside it you will see the names of the computers that you previously backed up and if you want you can delete them.