Any way to add custom pictures to video files?

I have dowloaded some disney videos for my daughter from youtube using a downloader, and i’d like to add some pictures to the files on the Media Player, is there a way i can make my own and drop it on the HDD ?

I assume that you mean using thumbnails for the videos. If this is correct, all you have to do is find posters/images that you want for thumbs and save them as jpeg files using the same name as the video file. Then place the jpg and video into the same folder together on the WDTV Live Hub. EX: 



or EX:

Disney Video 1.mp4

Disney Video 1.jpg

The JPG method works, however…

If the name of the movie is unmodified you can use the Options->Properties feature to automatically add not only the thumbnail but a description (must press the yellow button to change views to see the description).

All my movies have had descriptions added, though I leave it in the mode that shows 16 white blocks with the name and thumbnail.

Yes i know that just wanted to add pictures to videos that aren’t “movies”


I’ve made a little app where you can modify or create movie info and you can also use it to add or replace video cover using an image from a file or browser, it will automatically resize an image to best fit and save it as a movie cover!

This app was especially designed for those videos you won’t find on internet movie databases!

You can find it here: