Any way of having a single video library with two HDDs (internal and USB HD?)

Hi all

I have had my WDTV live Hub for about 3 months now and I am generally very happy with it - though the interface could be a bit more slick.

Before I bought this I used XBMC Live on an old laptop which allowed you to add multiple hard drives or sources but have all your media shown in one single library - e.g  under ‘movies’ or ‘tv shows’ - so, you could attach a usb hard drive, add folders from it, and yet in the interface would have a single library without having to flick between the internal HDD and external to find files.

Is there any way of doing a similar thing on thr WDTV Live Hub? i.e connecting a usb drive to the usb port, but using both the internal drive and the external USB as an expansion so you could see just one place for ‘movies’ without having to go to some on the internal drive and some on the external, constantly switching. 

If not then I think this would be so useful, as I am quickly using up the internal 1TB drive and the USb drive would be a great way to expand on this if you could just plug one in and add files to a library without swapping from one to another source to find files.

Hope this makes sense!

If you have turned on the library then it should give you this. You have to select all local storage (press the red button to select). The library should then consist of the hub storage plus any USB drives connected to the unit.