Any tips for increasing transfer speed from Mac?

I switched from a pc to mac last week and moved across the wd mycloud. The pc transferred photos and music very quickly using drag/drop method, I tired it tonight on the mac and it’s taken a couple hours almost to transfer under 3gb! I’ve checked the dashborad connectin details and it says it’s a “relay connection” and to try a direct one. I’m new to both mycloud and mac, does anyone have any advice on how to speed things up?

I too have a Mac(s), In my case 2 MacBook Pros 2 generations apart, both with Mavericks. I doubt the Macs are the problem. It’s more likely the new connection configuration. My performance experience is all over the map. Today it’s exceptionally good. Other days its painfully slow, or fails altogether. I see similar observations from others in this community, including those with PCs.

Now to your specific problem. I’ve been there. The best solution, if the transfers stay stubbornly slow, is to connect the drive directly to the Mac network port. A straight cable will do. Macs can sense the polarity and adjust. The Mac will also give the drive an IP address. Once the connection is up and running and the drives mounted (use the Finder Go menu, Connect to Server feature for best performance. In fact always use this method. None of the other methods work as well), you should be able to transfer files quickly and seamlessly. When done, shut it down, put it back on your netowrk; after turning it on, leave it alone for about 6 hours (the longer the better, especially after transfering many files), and you should be all set.

Some people observe the drive takes a long time to build tables of thumbnails and other content information during which it can be very slow (especially the Dashboard). However, once done with that it seems to work pretty well, though never as quickly as the internal drive. Also, I observe the first time you open a directory it can take many seconds to display the contents, but after that it’s pretty quick with that directory. I don’t know if it’s the Finder or the drive that’s responsible for that behavior.

I had exactly same problems.  Eventually I did a factory restore. Radical I know but I was at my wits end.

I have only loaded a small amount of data back on to the My Cloud but access via WIndows, Mavericks and IOS all similar and acceptable.  

My conclusion is that introducing the Mac into the equation was just a red herring.  The My Cloud performance was spasmodic.  Now seems to be pretty consistent across all platfroms.  What will happen when I add more files is anyones guess.

You can start by ruling out your network configuration.  There are lots of posts on this forum regarding performance problems and solutions.  Once you get a handle on your network config and have ruled that out as a potential bottleneck you are left with WD software as the remaining culprit.  Again, there are posts on this forum that describe an unsupported fix - disabling two software daemons that run on My Cloud.  Network problems can vary from one machine to another but the WD scanning software adversely impacts the performance of the drive itself - so you will see performance degradation from any client when performing large data transfers to/from the drive.

As for Mac OS X specific problems - the initial Mavericks release of OS X supposedly had issues with their SMB implementation.  I have Mavericks on my MacBook Pro and keep the OS updated as new updates come available.  I focused on the OS X SMB implementation for a while and ruled that out as a potential cause of my performance problems.  One change I made that did improve my WD My Cloud experience was to update the underlying linux config to automount my shares on the WD My Cloud.  I found this to work more reliably than connecting inside of Finder.

I have a Macbook pro with slow speeds as well.  Can you be more detailed on how to connect directly from computer to mycloud to fransfer files.