Any Suggestions?

Ok I have been fighting with the Network shares for a while now time to see if it can be fixed.

        When I use network shares alot of time the movie becomes choppy I have to back out sometimes turn off unit other times it plays right through with no interuption. Having said that I am doing strictly DVd with no compression VOB files. My router is an older Lynksis WRT45G and I am hard wired into it with Cat5E no wireless. any suggestions on router settings or computer settings to make this a bit less of a problem. I go straight into WD live with my external hardrive and it works fine.

       Also to add the WD live seems to lock up alot when browsing video thumbnails newest version of firmware is installed.

      Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated.


I’m about off to bed but I want to mention a couple of things.

I have the same router, and same hard wired, and I play blu-ray videos --now, they ARE compressed, but still they end up being a lot higher bitrate (many approached 30mbps and sizes of up to 20GB) so they are a lot more taxing than you playing regular DVDs, even uncompressed ones, and I never have any issues.  So I don’t think it’s a router issue.

Offhand I don’t think it’s anything to do with your net shares either – dropping them entirely is one thing, but resutling in choppy video just doesn’t sound right.

At the very least if it were me I’d want to eliminate the file type from the equation – makeMVK ought to take a regular DVD and create an uncompressed MKV from it and you can then try playing that back.  I’m not saying this is the route you need to go, only that we want to isolate the problem first.

I may have more ideas tomorrow.