Any such thing as a USB 3.0 Micro B to a USB Mini-b (5-pin) cable for my passport connection?

Hi- I bought my wife a Magic Sing ET23KH karaoke system that allows you to access/play your own files via the USB mini port on the back of the unit.  So I bought a WD my passport 1tb drive and loaded our 20,000 or so collection of karaoke files on it.  How can I connect the Micro B out of the WD to the Mini B input on the karaoke?  I tried using a USB female to mini b adaptor but it won’t power it/read it.  I also had a USB hub that I tried to connect with same adaptor but won’t power it.

On a side note, there is a standard USB A output on the front of the karaoke unit, but the manual states this is not for playing your files but for accessing your own pics/vids and/or updates only.  I did connect the drive to this output with stock cable and it will power up, but the unit will only read a few hundred files even though thousands are on the drive.  So I’m assuming it behaves differently when connected to the usb mini port on the back.

thank you, any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately this particular question is outside our support range.

Make sure to contact the karaoke system manufacturer and see if the unit will support the external drive.

Thanks, I see your point.  But one question though, does anyone make a USB micro B to USB mini B cable so you can connect a mypassport drive to something with a mini usb out?  Or is there any way to connect a mypassport to something with a mini usb out?  thanks!

You could try searching for an adapter.

We do not support nor can guaranty it will work.