Any skilled WD develloper to generate ip_tables kernel modules?


I really think that last functionality that is missed in the MyBookLive is to allow to have a local firewall on it,
for a lots of reasons and especially security (avoid bruteforce possibility on ssh or ftp for example).

My final objective would be to tranform the NAS as a Firewall/router/dhcp/proxy device, with virtual IPs, traffic forwarding and a lots of good things.

Unfortunately I did not suceed to manually generate kernel ip_tables module that can be loaded, even with following all tutorials I found over the net, with the last GPL source, I finally think that Western Digital’s compile kernel using specific GCC code, and I don’t know how to figure out.

If a good WD develloper hear me ?

USB 3.0 would be nice also. :smiley:


any more usefull reply ?