Any shared folder doesn't not appear from Win & Mac

Hi all,

yesterday all was ok, but today i can not see my WD Cloud shared folder by typing \My WD Cloud ip\

Ftp mode is already activated, i can access all shared foldes and files via ftp client program inside network and outside.

I can see all shared folder via web gui and other interface program. Only, i can NOT access to folder :frowning: My bios is updated.

What is wrong? Thanks for all responders.

it sound like the /etc/samba/overall_share file got corrupted or truncated

if you are comfortable with Linux and editors you can manually re-create it.

if not then a system only restore should fix it. this will leave shares and data in tact but everything else reset like new

for my information what was done when this happened? FW upgrade? adding/deleting shares? changing permission? etc?

I did not FW update. I created 10-15 user & some new shared folder yesterday. 

Is there any way to without reset (witout lost data)?

If possible by using linux, Someone can describe me how to do it? I can install ubuntu linux in virtual machine, quickly.

Thanks for all assistance.