Any salvage/repurpose ideas for My Cloud?

I’m unwilling to use my new My Cloud for its intended purpose because of the unresolved secuity risks. I wonder if there is a way to convert it to a simple external drive for backups and offsite storage. I won’t risk attaching it to my router anymore.

A bit of a waste , but you could always remove the hard drive and put it in a USB 3 enclosure.

Just seems a lot of cash when you could buy a hard drive enclosure with a higher capacity drive for less.

If you are worried about incoming connections , you could always set a rule in your router that re-directs all incoming connections to a non-existing IP address,

As explained in one of the other threads discussing the potential security issues, one could disable the web server within the My Cloud. That is one way to mitigate some or many of these potential security issues.

One can stop the Apache2/HTTPD service using SSH to issue the following command:
service apache2 stop
To restart the service:
service apache2 start

One could further modify the My Cloud startup files to stop the service from starting or turning it off after it starts.

Well the cash is water under the bridge. I’ll look into other NAS devices. Maybe I can find a way to link this to a permanently offline laptop and make a media server out of it. I am very untechnical so coding fixes are beyond me.

or donate it to charity or some nearby school. I am sure they will make use of it gladly.

Install clean Debian and OMV? Search for the thread.