Any responses from customer support?

I emailed them 3 days ago and received a case number. I expect they are busy lol but so far zero response. They promote a 1 day turn around unless it’s busy. No surprise I have a slow to zero transfer speed after the firmware upgrade using an out of the box 4tb cloud. Anyone received support? I’ve seen a few posts claiming to have received a fix but there are no further details provided by the poster so I’m assuming they aren’t genuine.

I received an email back within an hour and set up a time for a call with a tech for that night.

I was unable to make that appointment but received instant help from the tech for 2 days straight. We set up another call time which came and went without a call. I emailed the tech with a few more questions that went unanswered.

I would say he was absolutely helpful and his tips definetely helped me get my drive working back to normal but it was mostly my tinkering that got me back to normal.

I’ve set up a call for this afternoon. Hopefully will resolve problems.

I reported my MyCloud fault on Friday, yesterday WD tied to contact me but my phone doesn’t accept international or witheld number calls (too many overseas calls wanting to take over my computer and fix my virus problem!). They emailed me saying they couldn’t contact me by phone, I replied with my mobile number. Today a very helpful WD engineer called me and after a chat he is trying to authorise me an advanced replacement drive. He will be contacting me sometime today with the details. I am more than happy with WD’s response to my problem. The dark period was waiting to be contacted by WD and reading the horror stories on here about support.

I hope I can report back later with my good news.

I have stopped using my drive until Ver. 4 is officially vindicated or pronouced Dead on Arrival.  I like this setup but, its not worth frustration and aggervation to my life but, when no other option is available you have to ride the tide until the storm passess.

I’ve just spent an hour and a half on the phone with customer support. They don’t understand what is happening and promise to get back 24 to 48 hours after examining the logs.

Though I appreciate the efforts being made by support I don’t appreciate the grief that I’m getting as a result of a firmware upgrade.

Below is the result I get trying to create a support ticket, I’ve tried a few times today.

There was a problem processing your request:
Class.WD_WebToCaseController.init: line 86, column 1

Talked to customer support two days ago, spend about 90 minutes on the phone. They promised to get back within 24 to 48 hours.

Obviously they haven’t come up with a quick fix for my FW 4.00 issues; so what is the next step as I want to get My Cloud functioning as advertised.