Any prerequisites for Entware before migrating to OS5?

This one directed to @Tfl. Is there anything important users of Entware need to do before upgrading from OS3 to OS5 to avert any unforeseen post-upgrade disasters?

It’s just everything else you have to worry about. . . .

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Cool. So the upgrade will not cause any issues with the v1.05 (technically on mine it’s v1.06) of Entware. I can live with that, but looking through the forum and the release notes, I think I will still wait for the full public release.

Obviously I shall follow WD’s usual advise of shutting down all the other apps and services before the update is invoked.

I hope the UPnP problems are solved. (If the router resets, OS3 does not refresh UPnP port mappings.)

Yeah. I like Entware. Just need to learn how to compile a package source to work on Entware. Got the equipment. Just lack of required the knowledge.

I’m aware of that. I’ve got Ubuntu fully up-and-running, configured and personalised under Microsoft’s WSL2 and also got systemd initialising as well as XFCE4 working using the X410 server. (Did have XRDP working, but suddenly that’s stopped working, but I can use X410. It appears to be quicker.

Linux 5.4.72-microsoft-standard-WSL2 #1 SMP Wed Oct 28 23:40:43 UTC 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Got a developers logjn too at

From this particular point on, what exactly do I need to do to setup Ubuntu. For the present OS3 I did try and to get mksapkg, but WD’s site is broken so I can’t seem to download that.

So, at the moment I’m a bit stuck. I know I need the OS5 dev tools.

Happy to report that Entware is working pretty well. :slight_smile:

Where did you find entware for OS5 ? I can’t find it and it’s not shown in the matrix of 3rd party app for OS5

Obviously, that is the first thing I’ve done days before asking here… The only broken links for !OS5 i’ve found was Global Software Distribution & Software Releases - JFrog Distribution (from topic [PACKAGE] Entware, the ultimate repo with about 2000 packages - #26 by Tfl ) I can’t find anything else :frowning:

thanks, I’ll try to compile my first app on WD PR4100 :sweat_smile: . I think it has to be done after migrating to OS5 (from OS3) ?