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I have got a 2 Gig live book from costco for xmas and with it, so many headaches to make it work. I was able to set it up, made a back up using smartware, downloaded android and ios apps also. Using WD 2go without any problem but having no success with WD Photos.

AS per WD direction I should have pictures in public folder on live book in order to be able to see them by WD Photos!!! I should say I got WDLB only for pictures and videos, nothing else. My oiginal back up with Smartware did not end up in public folders so I add some pictures and some folders contain pictures under Public / Shared pictures. I have no problem seeing the folders and pictures from anywhere but bloody WD Photos! 

Here what I put there, a Folder contains of few pictures and another Folder contain few subfolders with picturs in all those subfolders.

In WD Photos, I see the two folders with ZERO pictures!!! Any help will be appreciated! Thanks

are you using the app or the web access?

Try disabling and enabling remote access on the WD drive