Any Leave Unit in Standby 27/7

Hello there.

Just wondered if anyone left theit Live Hub in standby mode 24/7 when not being used.

Or do the majoirty of people here completely power it off and back on when needed.

I assume the HD spinsdown after a period of inactivty.


I have had it constantly plugged in since I got it about 6 months ago and it works perfectly. Standby on the Hub takes very little power but the energy-conscious still hard-power it off by disconnecting the power from the wall. It will not affect or shorten the lifespan of the Hub. Also, the hard drive will spin depending on how you use the Hub. If it’s going to be active on a network 24/7, it might keep spinning, at least that’s what some people on the forum have said. In my case, I have the Hub set up as a permanent active network component so it can be accessed any time from anywhere. After a period of inactivity, I can touch the unit and not feel the vibration of the spinning hard drive. Also, I had it attached to a device that measured and recorded the amount of power the unit was using for a long period of time and noticed that after a couple hours of inactivity, the power draw dropped to almost nothing, indicating the hard drive had stopped/gone into hibernate. Also, I can feel it spin up when I access it from my PC over the network.

If you want to squeeze every penny out of your electric bill, then it might be worth the trouble of unplugging it every time, but there’s really no downside to having it in standby as long as you need when not using the device.

If you press the power off button on the remote for a second or so the hub will go into standby with the internal drive available as a simple NAS. If however you press the power off button for approx 5 seconds the unit will be switched off completely and take very low power. No need to disconnect the power at the wall.