Any joy with Genie Timeline backing up *from* MBL?

I’m trying out the genie timeline backup software (see  It’s a continuous backup type solution, where changes to files and new files are instantly detected and backed up almost immediately.

I store some of my files on a local drive, and others on a first MBL.  I’m backing up both sources to a second MBL.

I find that timeline works great for those files on the local drive… instantly detects changes / additions and backs up straight away.

But for those files on the first MBL… it fails to detect changes.  I did kinda suspect this might happen, in view of the MBL being somewhat separate from the native drive, and running a different OS, but does anyone out there know how to get this to work, if it can be made to work at all?  (I have asked genie, but figure that someone here might know too.)

Failing that, is there another continuous backup solution that does work for backing up data FROM a MBL (to another MBL)?  What about oops!backup?


Did you try the Safepoint option on the MBL?

I did try safepoint, which worked until I upgraded the firmware on the destination MBL, which made the safepoint job vanish from the list on the source MBL.  I lost confidence in this as a solution after that, so I investigated using genie.  

However, I’ve discovered the on-the-fly backup feature of genie timeline doesn’t work for files on a NAS, so it kinda loses its point.  (I still use genie timeline to back up files on my local drive to my MBL.)

Therefore, I’ve gone back to using safepoint to do direct MBL to MBL backup (bonus being you can schedule it overnight since yout computer doesn’t need to be on).  So far, so good.  

BTW I assume safepoint is a mirror, i.e. an exact replica of the file structure?  There isn’t any history or option to roll back?  Fine with me, just checking.


I just tried it, its amazing, love it

But seems they released a new version, which is 2012, with an amazing GUI, love it, and its super fast, and it works amazing on my laptop, love the protection level thing, and the iPhone/iPad Apps, i think WD should consider including this App in their External harddisks, its better than the one they include now