Any Ideas on Whats Wrong?

ok, i’ve had this seagate 3 tb hard drive for about a year now. i just recently flashed my WDTV Live to a custom firmware, while doing so i added some files to the drive and it kept feezing in the middle of transferring. now the live hub wont recognize the hard drive, but it recognizes my other one. and my computer recognizes my hard drive that the live hub wont. IDK if the freezing was a symptom or coincidense (performed a chkdsk and came back fine) or if it has something to do with the new firmware (compatible with 3TB?) since my other is only 2TB.

Custom firmware? From where? Larger than 2tb drives are only recognized in later firmwares. If this custom firmware was based on an earlier version, that’s your problem.

What custom firmware?