Any Hope? My Cloud EX2 disconnects from the network

Hello and just to say I’m new here to the community!

I have an EX2 with 2 2TB WD red drives that was recently purchased second hand. Unfortunately it is now out of warranty after checking the serial number.

After performing the 40 second reset test and running the setup, all was well. The drive was visible on my network to my two windows 7 machines that are hard wired and as well to a windows 10 laptop.

However the drive disconnects from the network after ~2 hours of not accessing it. After having read many posts here and other sites regarding this problem, I have tried the following:

  • changing NIC cable and port on the router.
  • reserving an IP in the DHCP settings of the router.
  • removing this reserve and assigning a static IP on the EX2 directly - this IP being outside of the DHCP IP pool.
  • deactivating all shares but public, turning off all features including cloud access.
  • deactivating the media sharing functionality
  • Turned off drive sleep

This issue continues to occur even after performing all the steps noted above.

I am asking if there are any guides or collated information accessing the EX2 via SSH to possibly trace down the problem and make changes to the Linux environment to address this issue? Or is this a common problem that occurs and can only be saved by replacing the unit? Given the latter choice I will most likely remove the drives and buy another NAS enclosure from a different company that is more affordable than the diskless EX2 Ultra.


  • EX2 connected via Ethernet cable to Sagemcom F@st 5250 which is provide by my ISP, Bell Canada (sold as Home Hub 2000)
  • Two windows 7 desktops connected via Ethernet to the Sagecom router
  • One windows 10 netbook connected via WiFi.
  • PS3 connected via power line adapter which is connected via Ethernet to router
  • Various Android mobile devices connecting via WiFi.

Health check on the device shows everything healthy. Advanced logs were enabled and here are the error messages encountered:

  • OTHER Received signal 2, stopping listeners.
  • SAMBA CIFS: Authentication for user [GUEST] has FAILED.
  • SYSTEM The network link is down or has become intermittent. Check your network connection.

Any advise or direction towards a solution is immensely appreciated!

Hi virgilr ,

May be you can check the article below.


Thanks Peter- I read through much of that thread before and it seems this is a critical issue that most weren’t able to resolve. I have another NAS enclosure on its way and will be reusing the red drives.

Hello Everyone.

I am facing the same issues. When watching a movie streaming on the app. Within minutes the stream will freeze and you can no longer browse the web GUI or play remotely any files. Please provide solution ASAP. Thank you.

I have the same problem, it’s is frustating, any solution for this big problem?

I have acquired another NAS enclosure from a different company that was a great buy on a refurbished unit, and two days of solid, no hassle performance. I have a feeling this is a hardware failure issue since it has been reported on numerous occasions, but since from what I have read there has been no definite answer from the manufacturer, I won’t suppose this is the case. Love the Red series drives, not so much the enclosure.