What is WDC position on using antivirus software on the DX4000?

Did anyone else install one on the server and have any experiences to share?

No official WD possition about the use of antivirus. Any antivirus compatible with Windows Server 2008 should work.

I suppose you could install an anti-virus on it, but you really shouldn’t be using the drive directly as a computer if you can avoid it. Since most people will simply be using it as a file-server, the server never should execute anything you put on to it and thus an AV wouldn’t really be needed.

you could built a cave (like a bird cave) and look your  Sentinel drive in there. That way, no one can open it or still it very easy.

Microsoft’s ForeFront is a clone of Security Essentials which the former is supported and the latter not.

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I see two purposes for A/V on this device - the obvious one is it may protect the device from an exploit that comes from a network vulnerability - but the other reason is to check the files others are saving to the NAS (nothing like a 2nd set of eyes.)

But I was more asking in case it was advised not to do it for performance reasons - maybe the Atom processor or drive subsystem will struggle with the overhead?

Anyhow - good feedback - thx.

I think the main reason for antivirus would be for scaning tha data being sent to the Sentinel, also, since it is a full server OS complete with Internet Explorer, you need to protect yourself from viruses that could come through the browser.