Anti-Virus Essentials Scan Taking Forever

I own both the PR4100 and the EX4100 each with 24TB of storage. Both WD My Cloud NAS have the latest Version: 1.38 of Anti-Virus Essentials. What I cannot understand, and my issue deals with both versions PR4100 and EX4100, is that it has taken over three days to scan each NAS with Anti-Virus Essentials! Each device has around 14TB of free space out of 24TB, which is to say, it has taken about 24 hours to scan +/- 3TB. Both NAS are “healthy” in top operating order and there are no errors on any of the four drives per unit. Both the PR4100 and the EX4100 are running the latest firmware v5.18.117. External drives on both my desktop and laptop, in the amount of 4TB, will only take an hour or two to be scanned by an anti-virus program, compared to taking 24 hours to scan +/- 3TB on either of these WD My Cloud NAS devices!


Please refer to below link to check the article how To Map a WD Network Drive on Windows 10:

This has nothing to do with mapping either of the NAS devices… My post deals directly with the Anti-Virus Essentials app installed on the PR4100 and the EX4100. Both devices is functioning properly and both are healthy. Yet the Anti-Virus Essentials on both devices takes days to scan and complete. Initially I said 3 days when in reality each took 6.5 days to fully scan!