Anti-Virus Essentials - length of scan is excessive

I have an EX4, with four 2TB drives in Raid 5 with only about 150GB of data on it currently. After the latest firmware update (2.10.302) daily virus scans are only getting 32% completed in 7 hours. 

How long should it take to scan the device? Seems extreemly excessive for only 150GB of data.

Also, all of the menus seem very slow to load since the firmware update… :frowning:

Anyone else having issues with this? Any suggestions?

Welcome to the Community.

We have passed along this information to WD Support.

On the meanwhile, what have you tried so far? Have you tried a device reboot or a factory restore? [[WARNING: Data-destructive procedure]]

I’ve been running the same scan on my EX4100 for over a week and I’m at 64%. Granted I have 12TB of data on the NAS, but still…it seems agonizingly slow.