Anozided & OsdModHub ExtremeMix Moviesheet​ Hub Themes

Great News i finally figured out how to use your own premade moviesheet with the Live Hub.

Now Comes in two versions


Anozided ExtremeMix 2.0



OsdModHub ExtremeMix 1.4

Backdrops are now working again, Also now Working with both metadata and moviesheets

Here are some sample moviesheets including the dummy file for you to test out

Ok Here goes:-

The whole Moviesheet concept is based around using your own generated custom moviesheets, for that i recommend using Thumbgen

1. Make sure Library Mode is switched on the Hub and you have either used the built in scraper or and manually created your xml files

2. Create your custom folder.jpg and moviename.jpg using Thumbgen

3. Also create your standard moviesheet at the same time with Thumbgen the moviesheet should be named as follows:-

moviename.mkv  ------>  moviename.mkv_sheet.jpg    

(This will allow your moviesheet to be compatible with BOTH the Hub and the Live media players.)

4. Create a dummy movie file to trigger the moviesheet, the dummy file should be named as follows:-

moviename.mkv  ------->  moviename.mkv_sheet.mkv

(Just create a blank Text document and rename as above)

5. The Trick is that the hub is overlaying the thumbnail over the complete screen when you enter the folder (the hub will NOT downgrade the quality of the moviename.jpg as opposed to resizing the folder.jpg)

6. To make cleaner i have removed the metadata in this version of the test theme however note to themers you can leave it in if you want the hub to still display this info as a backup.

7. It is worth noting that if you run the built in scraper to rescan the info on a movie it will overwrite your custom moviename coverbox with the original vanilla version, HOWEVER this is not a big deal as you could use this anyway.

8. For now it is best to browse using Folders rather than ALL use the Green button on the Remote to choose the view. It will be possible to browse using ALL if the moviesheet allows transparency at the bottom or the theme is redone to take this into consideration

9. The jpg should be 1280x720 in size (this is standard for most thumbgen templates)

10. To solve the issue of the Moviesheet not showing immediately when you enter a folder

       In The Menu, Press the Green Button to get the Filter and Sorting Menu.

       Gotto Sorting -----> Ratings -------> Choose the ^ arrow and press ok

       This will filter by Ratings and as the Moviesheet as no ratings it will always show first !!!

11. In the Menu goto  Setup----> Video  Settings -----> Video Playback Sequence

      Change to Normal

      This will bounce it from the dummy file to the main movie…

      Means you can press ‘PLAY’ using the Hub’s remote whilst on the moviesheet and the movie starts playing !!!

      Note use ‘Play’ button and NOT ‘Enter’ button.

Included in this custom theme are a couple of views from Ohagi, all i have done is merged the views into Anodized

CREDIT goes to PychoTHC, juliojs, lilibabe, zballz, Hell3ond and firetix for their work on the themes and custom views, this theme is mainly just a Mix of all of the work of the real themers above.

Themers PM me if you want the lines of code that i changed, also you can create your moviesheet as a png file with transparency then rename to a jpg . What this does it allow you to have the live rotating backdrops behind your custom moviesheet.

PS i have also discovered that you can create a ‘blank’ xml file so that the Hub will think that the internal movie scrap has been done. It does not need to have any info in it just allows the Hub to trigger the correct image. just create a blank text document and rename it movie.xml…


You can use thumbgen to create the movie info as an xml file which does the trick



Here is a major update of my theme


Main changes are:—


New Blue Anozided Backgrounds


All icons are repositioned at the bottom of the screen


New List Mode works with in  Music mode as well


New Music icon on main menu curtesy of Tinwarble


This theme has been designed to work for normal use even if you don’t use the moviesheet function, however it really work better if you do so, please read instructions above for the naming structure. Use the Dummy movie file as standard from now onwards as this gives best compatibility.


Your choice if you want to use standard moviesheets or transparent moviesheets both work…


When on moviesheet page Hit ‘PLAY’ not ‘ENTER’ to watch movie (make sure video is set to Repeat All in settings)


Some screenshots:—



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This is great news!! Good luck!

Great News… please give more information… :smiley:

great job!

Funny enough firetix its something you did that pointed me in the right direction…

zballz great work on your 2 new views i also been working on merging them into the Anodized Theme for my own use of course. Saying that it works really well from my intial efforts of using your code, just for good measure i even used the nice coverbox from Hub Corn thanks Hell3ond i also experimented with a few more coverboxes that i have but for now i am leaving with the clear case…

Basically this mixed theme is currently just for my testing but here are a few screenshots i will take down later as these are very rough and has to be polished before it can be released for it gives you a little taster for now:-

 I will post a rough copy of the them in a while

i’m glad that i’ve helped in some way lol.


Custom movie sheet works with backdrops generated from

wow it looks really GREAT !!!:stuck_out_tongue: 



this look great!

do want -:expressionless:

Very nice!!!:smiley:

Great Job, please release something, even if it´s incomplete because I would like to see how movisheets works…

Moviesheets are generated by thumbgen.

There still some side effects :cry:

-Thumbnails should be replaced by the moviesheet–>Resulting in loss  of  cover box thumbnails - but i think this can be preserved by creating a dummy video file with associated thumbnail and metadata. Need to try this later on.

-some contents are rip off in view more info --> this no longer happens. :smiley:

This looks like fun.  I am beginner, where do I learn more about this?


I have spoken to PychoTHC about cleaning up the code.

However maybe i might be able to post something later on today with instructions on how to get this to work.

What i am mindful of is that there will be alot of questions and i wanted the code to be a little less messy than it currently is.

Also very important part is that i am not a themer normally i am the beta tester LOL…

i just found a way to get the Hub into showing a static image as it has been bugging me for a while.

First post edited with a test theme for you to try out along with some instructions.

Create your moviesheet with thumbgen and make sure the output jpg is the same as the Movie.

Thanks firetix…i know you have made some improvement over my original idea so please post them here as well


New moviesheet generated with a new template

As you can see in the link below, we can in a sense keep the cover box.

what i did was to create a dummy file with notepad.

eg, EasyAdummy.mkv

and generate a thumbnail for that file e.g. EasyAdummy.jpg


Easy A.mkv                  --(The Actual movie)

Easy A.jpg                   --The movie sheet

Easy A.xml   

so you should select the movie sheet thumbnail to play the movie.


creat a folder for example EasyA movie and place all files in it i.e:

Easy A.mkv                  --(The Actual movie)

Easy A.jpg                   --The movie sheet

Easy A.xml                   -meta data




you could also create a thumbnail for that folder

– i will post links my edited theme and sample movie sheets shortly—

First download the Mega Template pack by Extremedigital:

moviesheetTemplates Samples:
You can use the above to test the moviesheets…


Note: Your folder names/Networkshare may get messy with the theme, so don’t worry. Actually i’ve customised it only to the names of my folders and shares.

You may lose folder Names in gallery view, so you may want to put a  folder thumbnail.

I forgot to include this in the compressed file:

All credit goes to:

  1. PsychoTHC - Anodized Theme
  2. zballz - OHAGI Theme  for his wonderful customised list view and other tweaks
    3.Helll3ond - Hub Corn (Beta)  for his wonderful customised video view
  3. Extremedigital
  4. Firetix

Download link:

Generating with thumbgen:

2 templates:

download link:


Dribblers_Ultimate Glass_SHEETLIVE_HUB

Extract and paste them in the following location ThumbGen\Templates\Template_Mega_Pack_1.7

Your version of thumbgen may differ.

open thumbgen

 go to options in thumbgen–>input/output Naming and change the main moviesheet to the following


and select png as the file type extension.


generate your moviesheet with either of the above template…and finally

rename the moviesheet generated to a jpg file …e.g. rename moviesheet.png to moviesheet.jpg


  1. Do so manually don’t use any image editor to save a jpg, else the transparency will be lost.


  1. Your moviesheet should be accompanied with its respective metadata file else it won’t be displayed.




video.jpg    (movie sheet)

last i’m sorry to have uploaded the files on fileserve,

upload on mediafire have failed after 5 attempts.

Nice work on your customised views firetix…

I am looking at adding Brightly Dark by bg1 720p version to my megapack as this works real nice with the Hub.

Only issue is that it is currently missing the MPAA info so i may look at adding it in myself.

Saying that once PyschoTHC can help over the weekend to design Anodized to accomodate the moviesheets then it will be more open to using any template you want.

Basically the 4 coloured icons need making smaller and there is the issue of the few wordings overlaying on top.  


Note this is a picture of the template not taken off what it looks like on the hub, however you can see that you have plenty of spaces in the right places to allow the coloured icons to be fitted in

Congratulations to all of you…

Just to say something, ¿could it be possible to have 10 covers when you navigate in gallery wiew? because it´s a lack of space that the covers only use the lower part of the screen if you have no metadata for folders… 

basically is what the WD TV LIVE do whith covers/moviesheet …