ANOTHER WD passport suddenly no longer recognized for no apparent reason

My passport is in brand new condition rarely even moved off of the desktop it sits on.  I do not leave it plugged into my computer and probably only plug it in about once a month when I have a substantial enough amount of data accumulated to dump onto it… so it has sat unused and unabused for well over 99% of the time that it has been owned.  

Therefore, this seems to be to be far beyond the lightest possible use of this product by a user that should have been anticipated in the design of this thing (esp. with a name suggesting portability like “the passport”).  I have read through a bunch of threads enough to see the same troubleshooting tips popping up… all of which I have tried (i.e. unplug and plug back in; plugged into all 3 usb ports on my laptop; using a wire under 18in. long… Still using the original cord that came with the product).

I was discuraged to see the responses from WD support in the majority of the messages that I have read through.  I was beginning to get the feeling that the standard policy was to blame wear and tear and improper usage as the reason for every device malfunction.  However, I saw a user response a few days ago that mentioned WD sending a replacement if the device is faulty and am curious how one goes about making such a request if it really exists?

I am not interested in hearing a textbook response about backing things up on multiple devices… I actually do this already, even though it is completely bogus for a company to design a device (that serves no other purpose than to back up data) with this strategy in mind.  If WD was to make this policy clear to the customer on their packaging, I doubt too many people would have enough faith in the product to buy it.  My problem is that I spent around $100 on a product that has been outlived by my laptop that I transport every day.  So why buy this product and not just a pack of CD’s to burn the absolutely vital stuff onto?  I have seen a ton of ancient external hard drives that are still completely functional because that is what you would expect from a basic device that you spend a consierable amount of money on.

Hi, you should contact support to check the warranty, you can also check it from the link below.

If you are expecting a manufacturer to imply on the box that the unit is going to fail… you are talking about an awesome advertising campaign

WE as users try to check for specs, reviews and price comparison before buying a hard drive.

If you do your homework you will be able to get a conclusion on which drive is good and which one is not…

If your data is already backed up… replacing will be your next move