Another USB Dongle that works with OEM Firmware

Hi Everyone…

I am sort of new here, although I have done a lot of reading.  I used to work for a computer store, and amstill friends with the manager… I saw the list of USB Wifi adaptors that “worked” with the WD TV Live… but most are either no longer sold in the US, or are very expensive.  Anyways, I talked my friend into letting me bring my WD TV Live into the store and test out diffrent wifi adaptors so I could find a cheaper alternative…  What I found is it seemedto work with all adaptors that have the ralink RT2870 chipset… And one that was particularly cheap was the Intellinet 300 mpbs Wirness N adaptor ( item 523974 ).  I picked it up for under $20 new…  I am using firmware 1.01.11… It works great… even through my network is a " G " network, it connects and even streams video with minimal lagging (even in 1080P MKV files). 

I just wanted to let everyone know that it works, without a custom firmware or anything, and is inexpensive compaired to many of the other options…

Seems you are correct regarding chipset

Quote from B-RAD Website regarding firmware:

“So heres the kernel modules that come stock. rt2870sta, rt3070sta, and rt3572sta are the wireless modules. This means you find a wireless dongle with one of those chipsets and it *should* work. Pretty nice option for those without wired houses.”

Thanks for the info regarding the wireless chipset that work with this player.

When I bought my WDTV Live I didn’t know it only supported a few usb wireless adapters. Naturally both of  mine aren’t compatable, but thanks to the info here I was able to track down a nice, yet cheap, adapter that works.

It’s a Edimax EW-7711UAn. I bought mine from MSY Computers in Australia for only $26.

Here’s a link to Edimax’s website showing this adapter.