Another shared folder problem

I recently set up a WDTV Live box for my church to stream informational videos to a TV in a common area.  It is correctly connected to the wireless internet and I can get access to internet services like Youtube, but i am running into some issues accessing media in shared folders (the primary intended use of the device in this case).

I have read through a number of the posts here about debugging this problem, including the troubleshooting post ( Troubleshooting Windows file sharing ), but no luck yet.  Let me describe what I have seen so far and hopefully someone here a suggestion.

Here is the network configuration:

Two domains with machined under them as follows (names simplified for this illustration):


    Server1  (XP Pro)


    Laptop1  (Win 7)

    PC2   (XP Pro)



There are shared folders defined on Server1 and they can be seen and accessed by Laptop1 and PC2.  I also set up a shared folder on Laptop1 configured to be visible to “all”.  Ideally I would like the WDTVLive box to be able to access the shared folders from Server1 as that is the machine that is up 24/7 and the laptop and PC under WORKGROUP are not always online.

When the WDTVLive box looks for machines with shared folders, it can only find the other machines under WORKGROUP and not Server1, and even when it connects with Laptop1, it does not see the shared folder on that machine.

Following the troubleshooting guide mentioned above, nbtstat shows that Server1 is the master browser for MainServer domain and the WDTVLive is the master browser for WORKGROUP.

So, I am left confused as to why Laptop1 and PC2 can see shared folders on Server1, but the WDTVLive cannot.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried setting the Workgroup name of the WDTV to match the domain name of server 1? It’s iffy that will work if the server isn’t configured to allow the WD to authenticate…