Another MyCloud disconnect problem

I am in the process of doing a full reset, will see if that helps.

I am no novice, having built my first computer on a board in 1976, but I am not familiar with SSH.  Can you give me a capsule of the program, or a link to a site that tells me just what that is, does, and why I want to play with it?

here is a link…

once you are logged in the Cloud you can deactivate those two scan programs.

The reasons is that those two scan programs can take up to 99.9% of your Cloud CPU time and thus cause a complete slowdown of your Cloud and could be the reason that your cloud seems to drop off the network.

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So I just completed a 24 hour factory reset of the 6 Tb drive.  It is connected, with nothing on it.  I am going to let it sit there for a day or two and see if it stays connected.  Thanks for the help so far, and I’ll pop back when I know something!

Okay people … I write this with some trepidation.

I went onto my router and assigned a fixed address from the DCHP pool

Then I did a factory reset of the MyCloud.  For reference, the 6 TB drive took a bit over 24 hours (I was sleeping when it finished)

Then I let it stay connected for a day or two doing nothing but showing me it’s presence.

Then I initiated a 2 GB backup of one of my drives, which took 16 hours

Then I waited for another 12 hours to write this Email

And it’s still connected.

My guess is that the extra shares I added and data somehow bollixed up things, and I will treat it kind at this point, but it does appear to be working.   I may add to this thread down the line with progress, but MANY THANKS to Ralphael and all the others along the line who have extended a helping hand.

phew!!! as I was reading each line… I was looking for the “But”…

I’m glad to hear drleavey. Mine has been connected for over a year and half now with no incidents. 

However if you ever find that your device gets slugish, you might check into SSH’ing into the device and stop the two media scans.

Theorectically some people have survived the media scans and when it does complete your device functions normally.

Thanks for posting back… makes our volunteer duties so much more thankful.

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Like a Timex watch … two more weeks and still ticking.   I am cautiously optimistic.  Being gentle, but optimistic!  

Going to ask for that raise! Back me up on this :stuck_out_tongue: