Another Metadata question

I am having sorting issues on my WD TV SMP running latest firmware I have all my TV shows named as “Show Name.S01E01 - Episode Title (release group)”

The problem I am having is the metadata field that was created by ThumbGen (I think) only has the episode title so all the files are sorted alphabetically instead of the ep number.

Does anyone know of a tool, Python or .bat script to batch copy the file name to the  field in the metadata xml? Or something that can accurately batch create TV Show metadata with “E01” format?

I have found many tools here on these forums for metadata but most require a ton of manual work and I have over 700 episodes so more automatic the better.


Mostly, if you’re using Thumbgen, your aren’t generating your xml data correctly.

If setup correctly it should generate the as “01 - Episode Name”, using the episode number first so the sorting is correct.

Make sure that in TG, in Options, under Input/Output Name / Movieinfo export, you set in the drop down box “Export using WDTV Live Hub format (new fw)”

Also make sure you are using the latest version of TG (

Thanks I’ll have to give that a shot.