Another medatadata issue. Searching for unknown Genres

So, to find newly added movies with no metadata file, I set the Genre filter to Unknown, and I get a list. Some are shown in the unknown list because bad info was downloaded from, showing nothing but the icon and the dumb backdrop posters, but no movie information at all (or just no genre). I have a stack of them. tmdb is not very complete.

I then go find the movie’s metadata XML file, and manually edits it to add Overview, genre, and other stuff. Using the same format (and even order of tags) as I see in the other files created by Live Hub.

Everything shows up correct in my movie info on the screen. Suddently there is a genre shown, (“Drama” in the example case), overview text and everything. So it found my info.


a) the movies edited still shows in the “Unknown” genre (despite saying “Genre: Drama” on the screen).

b) When setting the Genre filter to Drama (or whatever) the movie(s) do NOT show up there.

So, somehow Live Hub is not recognizing the new genre, but only for the filtering???

Not a memory caching issue, it sticks across multiple reboots.

You would be better off going to themoviedb.organd adding all this information there. You just need to register and log in to update or add any info you want. The information is added immediately but the hub uses the API cache so you may have to wait a day to see the updated info via the hub.