Another invalid username or password error when trying to access share

Just got a WDTVlive to play my videos, netflix, iPlayer, etc, etc in the bedroom as I was going to get a second raspberry pi but this came up as a bargain.

I have a raspberry pi connected to the TV in the lounge which also has a smb shared drive. This works perfectly and provides music, films and file shares to my laptop, GF’s laptop, my iMac, my desktop, my iPad and my phone, all of which connect without issue, with the same username and password.

The WDTVlive box lists the share but then gives the invalid username or password message every time I try to put the username and password in. It has the latest firmware and plays netflix, youtube, iplayer, etc without fault. I have tried making it forget the share login details several times and have also reset to factory defaults. It doesn’t have the option to switch off auto login.

Can anybody help?

Go to setup / Network settings /Clear login for network share / Ok. The player will ask for a Username/Password when accessing network shares, accept the default when you see this. 

Afraid I’ve tried that any number of times with no luck. Tried leaving it, setting to the username and password I use on other computers, making a new username and using those details, all with the same outcome.

properphatboy wrote:

I have a raspberry pi connected to the TV in the lounge which also has a smb shared drive.

This is not at all clear.  Is the shared drive connected to the raspberry pi or to the TV?  If the rasp. pi, then what OS do you have installed on it?  Linux?  Definitely a Linux-based (properly configured/functioning) Samba server works perfectly fine with the WD TV Live SMP units, on a properly functioning network.

If you provide more precise info about how your shares are setup, perhaps help could be provided.

Sorry if you didn’t get that. SMB is a WD 1tb external hard drive and is connected to the raspberry pi. The RPi is running RASPBMC which is Debian based. Network and share have always performed fine for hosting media for the RPi and music for iTunes on my laptop and IMac and files for those and other computers.

What info would you like about the share setup? I can provide the SMB.conf if that would help? Or I can provide more info on the network if that would help?

Yes, the smb.conf file would be good, along with network settings for the Pi and WD unit, plus info on your network setup.

Most smb.conf files are quite long, full of comments and blank lines.  The following grep command should get the useful info from it:  grep -v ‘^#|^;|^$’ smb.conf



Good amount of info.  Will try to get a chance to look at it tomorrow.