Anonymous remote access to shared drive

My ex and me shared a remote access drive. She has the actually drive but i still have a remote log in. Is there a way i can access my files on it without her knowing i have? Thanks.

What specific My Cloud model is being used?

There are a number of methods one can use to see drive activity on the My Cloud. Looking at the logs is one way. Reviewing the router logs the My Cloud is connected to may also show when the My Cloud was accessed. While the various logs may not show exactly who accessed the drive it may show that the drive was accessed. From there its not a big leap of logic on the ex’s part to assume it was you doing the accessing.

But the real question is not that the ex may see you using the drive. Rather if your ex has the drive why in the world would you have left any of your (personal) data on it?

By asking if there is a way to access the files without “her” knowing seems to strike at some sort of nefarious or similar reasoning for accessing the drive. And depending on what the separation/divorce agreement was one potentially may be violating that legal document by accessing (without the other person’s knowledge) a drive in the other parties possession.