Anodized movie sheets

Hey guys,

Just got this player and its pretty awesome! I downloaded the Anodized theme from the online database and i been messing around with different movie sheets for it. 

I get this same error for each one where i see double text. I am guessing i have to use a specific movie sheet for Anodized but i am not sure which one to download, any help will be much appreciated.


The Anodized theme has not been modified to use moviesheets.  You are getting double text because you are trying display a moviesheet with text on the image and the SMP is displaying the movies metadata from the xml file.

Also, the Anodized theme was developed for the HUB and has not been updated in a while so it is not really completely compatible with newer firmwares for the HUB or the SMP.

If you want to use moviesheets then you will have to use themes that have been specifically developed to use sheets.  None of which can be downloaded from the Online database, you’ll have to visit the HUB’s theme forum for those.

Thanks Tinwarble! Your Mojo theme works! But i really want to try others one too, and i am sure which HUB themes work with SMP. I tried few different ones from the HUB theme section and i got errors while trying to install using the Web interface.

Thanks again!