Annoying Photo/Music/Video folder navigation


I have the Live Hub, and is slowly warming up to it, but overall I do think the manual is ■■■■ (at best) and I have yet to figure a lot of stuff out.

Such as…

I use my NAS (Synology DS210j) for my music. I have ofcourse selected it as my content source.

But… when I want to listen to music, when on the Live Hub I select music, I am presented with three folders to choose from. Music, Photo and Video.

I dont want that. I just want to see my albums and whatnot. I selected music from the main menu, why do I have to select it again?

It’s annoying to me, and my kids get it wrong about halv the time, as the problem also applies to the “Video” and “Photo” items in the main menu.

Any help appreciated.


Have you got the media library turned on?


richUK subtly hinted that enabling the Library might meet your expectations.  Not only must the library be enabled to get where I think you want to be, the Compiling of the library must also be complete.

The user’s manual is ■■■■, but I humbly offer that the ability to figure out modestly intelligent user interfaces is the 2011 analog to reading and writing in the previous millenium (meant to be humorous, not condescending).

I have to give the WD designers the credit for trying to give this thing multiple interface models for the users to choose from; kind of like if I show you a picture of four women, hopefully you’ll find one attractive. (Not meant to be sexist or imply preference.  Man I’m qualifying a lot tonight aren’t I?)

As I’m sure eyou already know this thing can…

  • serve media from it’s local storage

  • serve media from remote (networked) storage

  • sync remote and local folders

  • pick up and stream media from an exposed/broadcasting server (iTunes, Windows Media Sharing)

Using or not using the library has all kinds of implications, but the one that using the library serves best is the abstraction of the source of the media.

Because I’m in the first couple of weeks of ownership I’m doing a lot of maintenance, moving files, ripping, transcoding, making storage location decisions; as a result my library is compiling as I type.

I’ll be interested to see if you had the library enabled and if perhaps there was a batch re-compile going on which affects the way the library displays until the recompile is complete.

It’s a good product and there’s a lot of really helpful and intelligent people in the forums (then there’s me).  Give the device and the community the opportunity to see if we can help you get what you’re after.



Hi guys,

I do have Media Library turned on, but it seems its almost always compiling, for hours on end.

How long does compiling take for you guys?

I have been in email contact with WD support, and they state that compilation should take no more than 15-30 minutes.

Mine can take hours, event more than a day(!!)

Any advice/shared experiences appreciated


Hi.  I am recycling a response to a previous, but similar question.  I hope it helps or gives context…


The design engineers at WD (or whomever WD outsourced the design to) decided to give the end users two ways to regard their devices…

Perspective 1 - Media player.  John Q. Public stores h/her files on the WDTVLH doesn’t attach to anything and could care less about seeing his media in a library view.  In this scenario the Library funtion is disabled and JQP is fat and happy using local media files.

Perspective 2 - The Omnipotent Media Player Streamer Hub/Master of Time Space and Dimension.  This is the scenario where the user wishes to see h/her comprehensive media collection regardless of where it is; PC, NAS, other media server.  But since the media is residing on devices remote to the WDTVLH, the WDTVLH has to have some way of validating the content’s existence (is it still there?, is there a new version of the 2 hour video of my four year old giggling?, maybe the trees and shares have been reconfigured.  Enter the dreaded Recompiling of the library.

Your question is germane to the second perspective.  Yes, when you put a new file out there, the WDTVLH is going to see it, but not until either the Recompile happens (gouge my eyes out with a spoon kinda slow sometimes) or until after a sync has run between the two folder/locations you’ve specified.  It’s really not that bad.  Clearly a fan of satire here.  In all seriousness, recompile time for me with about 2T of exposed shares can be an hour + sometimes.  At first I thought, “This is unacceptable!”  But the reality is the folder navigation is fully functional as a substitute until the recompile is done.  I got over it, but wouldn’t fault another person with another perspective for thinking otherwise.

I will add this.  I think the majority of owners of the WDTVLH are going to do a metric ton of stuff at the beginning of their relationship with the WDTVLH.  They’re going to learn, swear, but then settle in with the satisfaction of having mastered the Soduku of Media Servers.  Then they’ll enter maintenance mode, a couple of new movies here there and yon, and whatever the normal volume of new music and picture files are added per week/month what-have-you.

If overcoming modest technical challenges and mastering new gadgets turns you on - this thing is a no-brainer (take it from someone with no brain).  If you’re easily frustrated and expect perfection as your OOBE (out of box experience), you might want to reconsider OR simply tweak your expectations.

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