Annoying message on the screen


I have the WD Media Center TV Live Hub, with the 2.02.16 firmware.

I use the device to play on TV several short clips of home videos, and for this task I developed a playlist, that’s works well.

However,  every time that the video starts, appears in the center of the screen a message stating “Subtitle: off; Audio 1: Dolby Digital”. This message stay in the middle of the screen for about 5 seconds and disappears.

The problem is that this message appears in every single clip, is relatively large and blocks part of the screen at it’s center, which gets annoying when you have many short clips in sequence.

I can not find a way to prevent this message from appearing.

Any suggestions?


Valter - Brazil

WD knows that it is annoying but believes for some reason that users like it!!

With the latest firmware the box has been moved to the top left hand corner. We can only hope that sooner or later somebody at WD will finally see that this box is not required at all.

I agree!!

I can’t see any utility for this message (or dialog box ) to appears at every single clip!

In fact, this message (or dialog) can be brought back at any time, if required, by pressing the “Audio” button on the remote control.

Thanks for the help