Annoyed with other players - Maybe WD TV Live is the solution?

Hello together,

I had two different players based on Realtek 1073DD chipset. Since they really annoyed me, because they weren’t able to play 23.976 fps files correctly, maybe WD TV Live is the solution for me? For that I have the following questions:

  • Can WD TV Live play 23.976 fps videos natively, meaning switching the HDMI output frequency to 23.976 Hz (my AV receiver and TV is supporting that directly)?

  • Is there an auto-frequency switch feature? Meaning when I have 60 fps files the player is switching to 60 Hz and when having e.g. 23.976 fps file switching to 23.976 Hz output rate?

  • Is there a tagging of files that you’ve already watched, so e.g.  in series you don’t have to remember which was the last episode you’ve seen.

Many thanks in advance for a feedback.



It does not do 23.976 fps. 24fps is the nearest.