Anime is going from 8bit to 10bit .MKV... & mp4. Any Advice?

…and it seems complicated.  I have read and searched the forums this afternoon for a mention of this issue and have seen nothing about it. 

1) Does anyone else have issues playing 10bit (bit depth I assume) video and know any fixes or work arounds

Some of the anime community is pushing for a MP-HC - CCCP based HD media-server home theater use, but those of us who bought the WDTV may want to use that instead of buying AND building something else.  I have read their forums and their fixes and long and deep into the world of video.

They say it has better color depth and slightly smaller files sizes, but otherwise I don’t understand the near universal push towards 10bit in the anime world.  I have seen other files posted elsewhere now beginning to use 10bit for TV and movies too…  So any word on a fix from WD?

1.1)  Anyone having issues playing MP4, which also becoming more prevailing on the webz?  Any fixes or recommendations?

**now I realize the big, long and difficult answering is re-encoding, and that brings on a whole other level problems, questions and a nice learning curve.  VLC somewhat recently got their software fixed to play 10bit, but ultimately I bought the WDTV over the rest in deep hopes of using it play my videos on the big screen and so far its been pretty good until the last 8-9 months when 10bit began taking its hold in the anime world, and many of the groups who disseminate it are saying “deal with it”

Yeah, hopefully WD will release an update to play 10bit videos. :dizzy_face:

Alucardx23 wrote:

Yeah, hopefully WD will release an update to play 10bit videos. :dizzy_face:

I doubt it… it’s a hardware limitation, not simply a codec that can be added…