ANGRY WIFE! HELP! MyCloud Mirror tripping internet connection

Hi, sorry if this is a common problem or easy fix, but I am a novice and thought the mirror would be an easy addition to my setup for storage.

Since connecting my cloud mirror to my modem it seems to be making the modem lose it’s connection to the internet at random times, though consistent enough to be extremely annoying and cause the wife to yell. Help!! Seems to happen when the modem is busy more so than when it’s just sitting there.

It’s a my cloud mirror 4tb connected to my Belkin N1 Wireless modem.

Any help or changes I need to make will need to be given in simple terms and will be greatly appreciated. I know how to log into my modem if changes need to be made there.

You stated you are a novice, and your post makes this very apparent. That’s OK, everybody was once a novice.

First of all, your Belkin N1 Wireless ROUTER is not a modem. Your N1 is connected to a modem that either you own or rented from the internet provider.

Your N1 is a really old device and should be upgraded to a newer dual-band gigabit router. (a good one to buy that is not too expensive now is the Asus RT-N66U; it is top notch and since it has been on market for a few years you will likely find it at lower prices today for less than $100.

You basically have a much newer, modern device (My Cloud Mirror) connected to an over 10 year old router. (and modem) and this slows down the Mirror and the Mirror needs to be plugged into a faster gigabit speed router.

If you get a new router, have your internet provider upgrade your modem to a new modern one you will connect your new router to. The provider may even be able to rent you a new combination new modem/router, and then you will be all set for both modem and router being current technology.

Do this, and your problems will likely be gone.

Hey thanks for the advice, and in my defense, my device IS the N1 wireless modem & router.

Can you recommend a replacement all-in-one device?

Also, would this really cause the modem to lose internet connection?

Thanks for the added info. Yes, I found a combo modem/router of same name D1. They all seem to have been made in around 2006 for the UK and AU markets, but not for US.
Where are you located, these gadgets are made for specific countries. I am in US.

Not too many of these combo gadgets are made for US market. Most people here either rent a combo unit from cable provider or have purchased separate modems and routers. I have an Arris SB6141 (formally made by Motorola), a “hi-end” modem necessary for faster internet speed service of 20Mbps or higher (it’s called a DOCSIS3 type modem)

And, I have an Asus RT-N66U router. (easy to google for) There is also a white color one called RT-N66W, yet it is same router inside. ( I recently got one of these white ones on sale which I need to get set-up and installed to match the newer white color modem I recently got!)

Lots of things can cause a loss of internet (or home network signal) . It’s likely NOT the Mirror causing it, but the mismatch of Mirror with old equipment could be a factor. Something “simple” like placement of router/modem in home and distance wireless user is from the signal can definitely cause weak or lost signals.

If you have a very savvy computer and wireless network friend, getting that person to help you troubleshoot would be a good thing to do. You likely need to get better informed about these things since you got yourself a WD Mirror, too.

Any more questions?