Android wd2go app generating random notifications

On my galaxy s3, Since latest version of wd2go app I started getting notification sounds with nothing in notification area. Finally after almost going mad, I tracked it down to the wd2go app constantly (every few minutes) generating a ‘SD card missing’ notification then almost instantly removing it. Well there is noting wrong with my SD or external SD cards. I can get rid of the annoyance by not allowing the app to send notifications, but (a) why is it doing this, and (b) why is it doing anything at all, I want the app to get access to my drive when I want, not try and continually sync, but there seems to be no way of  turning off this. 

ps how do I remove ‘live demo drive’ from app - it serves no purpose ?

Hello mate,

Try re-installing the app again.

Thanks for advice, but tried the Android tricks, deleting data, cache, reinstalling etc. My theory and it’s only that is that WD haven’t taken into consideration the issues around accessing the external SD card on the Galaxy S3. Various apps / devs state there are issues around it on that phone. So just maybe the incorrect notifications are due to not being able to access the extern SD card - difficult to be sure as the notification just refers to SD card, but if you pull the external SD it generates one. What would be nice is a way to (a) select where data is stored - ie internal or external SD, and (b) option  only running the app when user chooses to do so, I don’t want any sync etc, just the ability to push or pull items from my cloud when I need to. Over to you WD:wink: