Android "WD TV Remote" no longer works since last FW update

Android WD TV Remote no longer works since last FW update, now it never finds wdtv :frowning:

I used it to input search text in youtube…

Since last FW, youtube also reboots wdtv a lot of times :frowning:

Can anyone use “android WD TV remote” with this last FW?

I can’t replicate this issue on my devices at home. App works great and finds both SMP’s. I have two nook colors I use as home theater remotes as well as twonky to push media should I choose (works meh since the nook is weak but great on the nexus 4).

Kindle Fire x2 (JB)

Nook Color x2 CM10 (old version of nook) (JB)

Nexus 4 (JB)

Kyocera Rise (ICS)

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Thanks for your feedback.

I’ll try to find whats wrong in my setup.

It was working before.

I have wdtv wired to the router and a huawei android phone wireless.

I can ping wdtv from the android phone.

I don’t find anything wrong in router setup, but i’ll look into it again.

Problem is a bug in my router.

I have a router firewall rule to block wdtv access to the internet.

Somehow my router also blocks some packets/protocols to wdtv inside the LAN.

If I turn off the router firewall rule, “wd tv remote” android app works again.

Thanks again for your feedback.

I did something similar when I reflashed linux/xbmc on the xios and had a derp moment. XBMC remote app wouldn’t work for some reason and that was because I didn’t enable it hehe.