****Android WD 2go Apps bugs report****

I just bought a 3TB My book Live, and installed WD 2Go Apps on my Android phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

found some bugs and report now:

1.not support external SD card. it only shows folder in my internal SD card. so I cannot upload files or folders in my external SD card. BAD!

2.during upload to NAS, this apps full copy all file data to local SD card (cached), that’s **bleep**!  

    I tried to upload 2GB photos and files, but I was warned by this apps, said not enough SD memory. Then I checked my storage usage, I found this Apps, WD 2Go cached 1.5GB. OMG, stupid software designers and impletementors. Why don’t you only cache the files name and location, or size, or date infomation instead. Why you cache all the whole files data? Stupid!!!  The WD Photos Apps did a better job, that apps only cache small, I found after WD Photos uploaded (Sync) my 500+MB photos, it only cache14KB.

  1. the Auto Backup/Sync feature does not work, I don’t know which files or folder it will auto backup/sync? it should ask users to select which folders should be auto backup/sync.

Hi, WD makes frequent updates to the WD2Go app, so hopefully things that you mention will be fixed/added on future updates.