Android Torrent to MyBook Live

Hi all,

I recently bought a My Book Live and it is working great. I am trying to perfect my setup and a part of my dream is to be able to download stuff, especially torrents, from my tablet straight to my cloud. I have a Samsung tablet (Android). Is this at all possible?

Thanks a bunch!

First, this is the forum for “My book live”, if you have a “My Cloud”, that is another forum.

Not sure if you are asking to download torrents using your tablet and files being saved to MBL. If you want that, fair enough, no idea if it is possible at all.

However, if you just want a stand-alone torrent client within MBL, all you need is a remote-gui to add/remove torrents.

Not for beginners though, but not too dificult at all, be aware, it might void your warranty, good luck:

To install torrent client software on MBL, if you have my cloud, search that forum:

To install Remote Tranmission: