Android save file to internal even if i select to save to external SD card (run out of space)


I’m having a very annoying problem, i’ll explain.

Two days ago, when i’m trying to download one file to my tablet , i enter the WD app, selected Download one 16GB file to SD card, and selected my external SD card, that have 64GB  (60GB free space). The file started to download at a good speed, and after a while it has show a message saying that download has stopped because my tablet (that have 9gb free space (before) has run out of space. when i open the system storage, it have only 19mb free.

So i search for the directory that this file has been stored as a cache and does not find any directory with more than 2gb (thats very weird), the i have excluded some games to have free space again in my tablet, expecting that this cache files will dissapear someday.

Today i enter the program again to what a video clip (700mb), and i have 3.8gb free space, after i watch the video i closed the player and again i’m out of space.

When i access the app information, it is using only 276kb cache, and 20mb for the app.

I’m furious with this app!!! 

2 questions

Where is my free space???

WHY did this program does not save the file direct to my external SD card??

I’m using standard configurations (1gb cache max).

I have Samsung Galaxy pro 12.2 (SM-P905) 32GB + 64GB SDcard

lastest android version and lastest app version, and lastest wd my cloud firmware.

Welcome to the WD Community.

After andorid 4.4 apps do not have access to the external SD card due to google limitations.

I did a search online and I was able to find information related to that.

unable to access external memory card after upgrading to Kitkat

This problem still exists on Android Lollipop 5 which now has provided access methods to SD Cards,

Would hope that WD updates the My Cloud app to allow saving files downloaded from My Cloud to the SD card.